We Use Our Experience to Help Drive Entrepreneurial Success

Break Out Smart is all about working with professionals, new business owners and talented innovators to create powerful strategies and implement proven techniques for startup success. Our collaborative approach means that we work closely with high potential initiatives to offer a variety of services that are crucial in the infancy stages of a new business.

Simply put, we make your business dreams become a reality.  We achieve this by creating, planning and integrating efficient business practices that fastrack your company's growth and success. Whether you require assistance in fundraising, tech development, financial projecting or anything else that goes into building a business, we are here to help.

We are your short-term business partner in the important early stages of your venture. Our network gives you access to experienced, successful entrepreneurs and their high quality connections, opening up a wide range of partnership opportunities.

You believe in your idea enough to make it a business. Believe in Break Out Smart to take that business to the next level!

When you work with Break Out Smart, you will receive:

●      Strategic input from knowledgeable entrepreneurs

●      Assistance in technological development

●      Enhancements in branding, design, communications and more

●      Mentoring in business management, forecasting and modelling

●      Access to a worldwide network of talented innovators

●      The support of a team that believes in your project

Full Confidentiality & Discretion

As an innovative thinker with a potentially world-changing idea, we understand that you must fully trust the networks that you are working with. That is why we are 100% committed to being deeply involved in your business, yet ensuring that everything remains private.

We like to think of ourselves as your temporary Business Partner! We want to help you grow and manage your new business in its early stages, then let you fully take the reigns once you feel comfortable. We don't pressure you to involve us in any stages that you want to keep within your team, but we do want to know as much as we can about your business so that we can help you in every possible way!