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We are dedicated to providing entrepreneurs, innovators and market disruptors with a vast array of tools needed to develop their initiatives into successful ventures. 

Break Out Smart Empowers & Inspires Entrepreneurs

Created by serial entrepreneur and successful business strategist Noel Brennan, Break Out Smart is designed to assist talented individuals with the variety of assets that go into creating a prosperous business venture. Through his own experiences, Noel understands how to build a strong foundation for future success.

 There are many aspects which are integral to building a startup that are often overlooked by new business creators simply due to lack of experience. Developing a strong business plan, generating funding, growing your network, accurate growth projections and many more are a necessity for long-term success. BOS works closely with entrepreneurs to assist in these fields, leaving you free to concentrate on your vision and allow you to maximize your creativity during the crucial development stages.

Bringing Order to Startup Chaos

When you take the life-changing decision to put your destiny in your own hands, you are immediately taken into a whirlwind of business planning, time management and roadmapping. This can be an extremely exciting, yet overwhelming time as you have to find a way to balance an incredible amount of responsibility in everything from finance to human resources to technological development.

We work with you on both a personal and professional level, so that you can efficiently navigate the startup process. By helping you at the bargaining table, in your fundraising efforts, by connecting you with potential partners and more, Break Out Smart sets you onto the path of success from the early stages. 

Building a Worldwide Network of Top Entrepreneurial Minds

From the onset, many entrepreneurs that are delving into their very first business venture find themselves well over their heads. Unfortunately, becoming an innovator and a business owner is not something that you can simply learn in school, but rather from experience.

This is why Break Out Smart has built a strong network of influential, dynamic entrepreneurs from around the world. We identify, brief and directly connect top tier professionals that are best suited to work with your startup. This reduces your cost for services that can be vital to your business, as well as drastically reducing the timeline for your company's growth. 

By building powerful relationships for your initiative from the start, we develop and execute a lean and efficient process of partnership acquisition that sets you up for short and long-term prosperity.

Agile Development in Ever-Changing Industries


We understand that the world of startups are fast-paced and require a multitude of dynamic techniques. We are proficient in Lean Methodology and Agile Development, so that we can flexibly design and develop as the requirements evolve.

Our goal is to help you create your Minimum Viable Product in the most efficient and cost-effective manner, so that you can test the markets and adjust your product or venture as needed.


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